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Mommy and Me

0~2.5 years old ( some are older / younger...please ask )

Mommy & Me is the initiator of Pre-preschool program and is a wonderful way to introduce preschool atmosphere with the comfort of Mommy, Daddy or Care giver present. It is important to enjoy spending special time together while they are building their confidence and independency.
Emphasis is on stimulating the senses through music especially for smaller babies. The focus is on more towards language and communication skills for independent walkers and older.We offer quality sound created by a professional pianist / Eurhythmics specialist to fulfill the special moments.
Mommy & Me はPreschoolの準備として位置づけられるプログラムで、Preschoolのアクティビティを短めに、そしてお母さん同伴という安心した環境で行うことが出来ます。子供たちの自信や自立心が育っていくのを見守りながら、一緒に居られる今この大切な時を楽しんでください。


Mommy & Me が変わります。

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