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☆DoReMi Class 3-4歳 (2歳後半からお受けします) 45分

This is a class for children who are independent enough to participate without Mom. The requirements are to stay in the class alone and also to be able to communicate with others through language( English or Japanese). In addition to moving with music and learning beats / rhythms through activities, this class will contain how to read and sing 'DoReMi' as a basic knowledge of playing music, learning the meaning of each note through songs and games along the way. Also we will encourage children's recognition of each finger to try them out on instruments. It is considered as a class to prepare children for private instrument lessons as well as to study basic things of life naturally though music and using familiar matters as animals, colors, shapes, weathers etc.


音楽に合わせて体を動かしたり、数を数えるアクティビティを通してリズム感を養うことに加え、楽器演奏の基本となるドレミの読み方、歌い方、音符の意味等をゲームをしたり、歌を歌いながら自然に習得します。 また自分の各指の認識を促し、鍵盤楽器で実践していきます。楽器のプライベートレッスンにも抵抗なく進めるように考慮された準備コースです。動物、色、形、天候など身近なものを通して学習的な内容を楽しく自然に吸収できるように工夫されています。

☆Art Class (ネイティブの先生と) 45分 On your Own 3-4 years old

Along with our preschool's monthly theme we have art lasses for 3-4 year old who are not in preschool usually as well. It is with an English native teacher and children can have a peak of school life at the same time. Come enjoy our unique and creative art / craft projects.

Kinder Houseプリスクールのプロジェクトに準じて、月ごとのテーマに沿った、ユニークなクリエイティブアート・クラフトクラスをネイティブの先生との楽しいおしゃべりと共にお届けします。音楽のクラスと同様に年齢でクラス分けをします。

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