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Parents Voices

Thank you thank you thank you for giving Racheli the most wonderful educational experience. She has always talked about music class and how much she likes to go there and I know how much she and I are going to miss it. It has been a "Home away from home"as well as an opportunity to grow, learn, sing, dance and make some lovely friends. Thank you for everything. (G.S)

We had a great experience with Musik House. Chantal was always happy and the music component was great. She loved her teachers and looked forward to school every time, there was never any resistance. Everyone was very supportive and I was very grateful to you and Alex and everyone at the school for your kindness and flexibility. I was very impressed by the art projects that were done with the children. Very imaginative. She loves music, singing, dancing and playing the piano, so your music program suited her very well. (M.P)

Thank you so much for helping Lei adjust to a school. She has learned so much from your school. (J.A)

Haru が人前に出るのは初めての経験で、私どもにも特別な思いがありました。大変楽しみでもありましたが、やんちゃな彼が人前で歌ったり踊ったり出来るのだろうかと不安でもありました。〜普段の彼からは想像もできないほどきちんと並んで座り、しっかり歌ったり踊ったりと成長を感じ大変感動しました。プレスクールで沢山の事を学んでいるんだなと改めて感じ、先生方には感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。良い先生、クラスメートに恵まれ、こちらのプリスクールでお世話になって本当に良かったと思っております。(クラス発表会感想より)

Thank you so much for inviting us to the performance. My son enjoyed singing, moving, playing and pretending-pretending santa was so cute and he looked so proud of himself. We parents all so happy to see our kids having fun. The costumes were awesome! All costume was different from another and each child had their own theme. We were so happy that we feel like we are having international style Christmas Party while we are living in Japan. Cakes and Cookies were so good as always. Thank you fo the heart-warming great time!!
(From a comment for Class presentation )

(Mommy and Me / On your own Proram graduate )

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